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Spay/Neuter Clinic

The Brookview Animal Wellness Clinic Office specializes in Spay/Neuter surgeries and additional support services for the public, local Animal Rescues and community TNR efforts.

Spay / Neuter

Spay and Neutering your pet is in their best interest.  We treat each animal like our own and ensure their care is our best!   
For your family cat, we include the surgery, pain injection, e-collar and fluid support!
For your family dog, we include the surgery, pain injection, e-collar, IV catheter with fluids and take-home medications.
For your family bunny, we include the surgery and pain injection.


We provide a wide spectrum of surgeries / procedures such as:  Amputation (limb / Tail), Eyes (Cherry, enucleation, entropion), Mass removal, Dental Cleanings and Extractions, Hernia Repair, Foreign Body Removal, Intsussception, Gastropexy and more.

Laboratory Diagnostics

We offer point of care tests including Feline FeLV / FIV / Heartworm as well as Canine 4DX.

Whether you need pre-anesthetic lab work, urinalysis or a fecal analysis, we offer all these services in house.

We also partner with several different laboratories for specific testing should your pet need it.

Health and Wellness

Being proactive about your pet’s health can help your pet live longer.  Yearly exams and regular vaccines for your family pet ensures any ocncerns are detected early and addressed.  Pet Wellness allows us the chance to partner with you for the long life of your pet.

Whether your pet needs vaccines, heartworm testing or prevention, microchip, testing or more, we can help you.

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