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Feline Pricing
Service / ProcedureRescue / TNR / UnOwnedOwned
MUST be 3 lbs, 12 weeks of age, Min 1 FVRCP
Includes 1-day Pain injection (neuter) / 3 day (spay)

5+ years old require
pre-anesthetic bloodwork,
IV Catheter and Fluids (extra cost)
MUST be 3 lbs, 12 weeks of age, Min 1 FVRCP
Includes 1-day Pain injection (neuter) / 3 day (spay)
5+ years old require
pre-anesthetic bloodwork (Extra cost)
May require IV Cathether and Fluids
for Neuter @ Extra cost
EXTRA TIME / COST (With Alter)
Cryptorchid (Male) $30 - $80$30 - 80
Umbilical Hernia$40 - $75$40 - $85
SPAY$75$105 (includes catheter / fluids)
EXTRA TIME / COST (With Alter)
In Heat / Pregnant / Uterine Concerns$25 - 85$35 - $100
Umbilical Hernia$30 - $75$40 - $75
Pyometra (Female)$250 - $550$250 - $550
TNRMUST be in a trap, Will be Ear-tipped includes 1-day (M) / 3-day (F) pain injection, rabies
Spay or Neuter$50
Other Services
Nail TrimIncluded, But Should be Requested$5
Ear Cleaning$10 - $20 (depending on severity)
Flea / Tick Treatment$10 - $30 depending on medication / weight of animal
Ear Cleaning$10 - $20 (depending on severity)
Ear Mite Treatment (not topical)$10
Unattached Dew Claw Removal$20 Each
Insert Rescue Microchip$5N/A
Additional Procedures / Surgeries
Eye / Eyelid SurgeryReqs pre-surgical exam or documentation from other vet verifying diagnosis with a picture of eye Reqs 10-14 day follow-up exam (included in price) and at extra cost: e-collar and, possible medication (around $15)
Entropion (eyelid turning inward so that eyelashes and / or skin rub against the eye surface$100 - $600 *Depends on severity and whether one or both eyes affected
Symblepharon (3rd eyelid adhere to eye) partial or complete adhesion of the palpebral conjuctiva of the eyelid to bulbar conjunctiva of eyeball$150 - $350 *Depends on severity and whether one or both eyes affected
Cherry Eye (Usually dogs) (prolapsed 3rd eyelid gland Will look worse before better Post surgery$250 - $380 (One Eye) $450 - $580 (Both Eyes) *Depends on severity
Eye Enucleation (Removal of the entire eye and suture close)$300 (One Eye) $500 (Both Eyes) *Requires exam prior to scheduling or vet documentation of necessity / diagnosis Requires follow up exam (included in price), e-collar (extra) and suture removal.
Aural Hematoma *Collection of blood within cartilage of ear / skin$85 - $115 Includes follow-up visit
Gastropexy *Recommended for Deep Chested DogsCall for Pricing
AmputationCall for Pricing
DeclawingDO NOT PROVIDE. BE AS KIND AS CAN BE. Will offer a free consultation in person or over the phone about alternatives.
Rescue / TNR / UnOwnedOwned
VACCINESExam Fee Waived if Completed at Time of Alter / Other Surgery
Rabies (1 Yr) - Min. 3 months of age$20$25
Rabies (3 Yr, Req's proof of prior vac)$25$30
FVRCP *Starts at 6-8 wks, Booster every 3 weeks until min 16 weeks. Booster Yearly thereafter$25$28
FeLV *Should have Neg FeLV Test Prior Start @ 8 wks, Needs 1 booster 3 wks later Booster Yearly thereafter$30$35
DAPP (DHPP) - Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus *Starts at 6-8 Weeks, Booster every 3 weeks Until Min 16 weeks, Ideal 24 Weeks Booster yearly thereafter$25$30
Bordetella (intranasal) *Start at XX Weeks Booster Every 6 Months to Yearly Depending on lifestyle / exposure$25$30
Leptospirosis (Starts @ X Wks, Booster 3 Weeks Later Booster Yearly Thereafter$30$35
Add'l Options: DAPP (DHPP) w/Leptospirosis *Start at XX Weeks Booster 3 weeks later Booster Yearly Thereafter$45$55
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